To the nights…


Story time?

As I go through my camera roll for a Instagram picture tonight I realise I never posted my dinner picture last night with a story behind it, not sure on my story but hey, I’ve put it up even a day later. So I think my story was going to go something like this and if not its going something like this now.


As she reflects on what happened at work and the big decision she needs to make she calls her boyfriend. Starting off with the usual how was day to just start talking as if it’s the first time she has spoken to him. He catches on to it and wants to know the real reason to why she called. As they have only been going out for 11 months she goes on like its been forever. She tells him they are going to become a consultant and wants support but doesn’t want to directly as for it because she is scared if she does it will crash and burn and doesn’t want to disappoint him. Once she get’s the “approval” to do it she stews on it for another day haha. She decided later that night that she will do it, so as she sits on the lounge and eating dinner she creates her account and off she goes. Waiting in anticipation for the email back to see what can be done, she is nervous.



This was my dinner; Thai beef salad as part of healthy eating kick I’m starting.




Help needed

Okay guys so i need help . . . well more like tips

Firstly, how to stay awake longer and not be tired the next day? I go to bed 9/9:30 and wake up 7ish if I don’t do that I’m super tired BUT I do want to stay awake longer.

Secondly, I need motivation to get fit and healthy. I mean I have a good diet but exercise I’m lacking in. What are ways yo motivate myself?

Also that wasn’t my actual second point, I forgot that one but that is a good point for me.

OOOO ACTUALLY my second was can you do a live feed on this? So if I’m doing something people can see it live?